Sexy Casino

Sexy Casino

These three shots were Nikon D750 and the pretty old 35mm F2D lens, which I picked up for just 200 euro. Lighting was the Godox TT685 flash, which I love. It has HSS, which came in handy because this section was under a huge glass roof and the room (in the first 2 shots) was extremely bright, much brighter than it looks. HSS allowed me to kill off a lot of that ambient light, while retaining a fairly wide aperture at f2.5.

The modifier I used on the key light was a Chinese “Softlighter” knock-off. I absolutely love these things. Quick and easy to set up, and they give a nice large, soft light.

All in all, a great fun day, and Vajola is simply lovleh, as always. Kudos also to Morgane the MUA for getting up at the crack of dawn to do Vajolas makeup.

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